Who We Are & What We Do

For over 35 years, Tradepro has been a trusted partner in the plastics recycling industry.  We specialize in the procurement and distribution of plastic raw materials. Our foundation is built on unwavering reliability. We’re driven to consistently deliver the highest quality materials to our global customer base. We envision a world where resources are valued, ethically sourced, and repurposed towards a cleaner, greener planet of tomorrow.

35 Years and Counting – Leading
The Way In Sustainable
Plastic Sourcing

Our robust plant operations overseas support us in maintaining consistent volume, continuous supply and rigorous and quality control standards. In 2023, we moved 155 million pounds of recycled underscoring our unparalleled logistical ability to ensure continuous distribution to our clients across the globe.

Trusted Partner In Global
Recycled Plastics

With a presence across continents, our facilities have storage capacities that exceed 1000 metric tons per location. Leveraging just-in-time inventory programs, we’re able to quickly and precisely meet the needs of our clients
Serving recycled
plastic industry
0 Years
Pounds of recycled
plastics moved in 2023
100 Million
Countries serviced

Our Mission

We are devoted to revolutionizing the industry through constant innovation. We strive to supply plastic raw materials to a diverse customer base, fostering a circular economy where resources are seamlessly reused and recycled. With sustainability at the forefront and the promotion of ethical business practices, we will create a cleaner, greener future for the world at large.

Our Vision

Sustainability is a way of life. We’re working towards laying the foundation for a global business landscape that values responsible consumption and promotes environmental stewardship. We maintain meticulous standards on our quality and delivery to continuously redefine industry standards.


Mutual respect and inclusivity fosters an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated. We are our biggest cheerleaders both inside and outside the workplace.


As we innovate, iterate, and overcome challenges, we grow more empowered to push boundaries, drive change, and maximize opportunities.


We take full ownership of our actions and outcomes, holding ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.


A ‘can-do’ attitude fuels creativity, resilience, and the confidence to know that even the smallest accomplishments make the biggest difference.


Our dedication to exceed expectations in both our performance and for our clients and stakeholders is unwavering. Unparalleled focus on quality, service, and value is our driving force.

Our Values

Our foundations rest on a set of core values that drive every decision we make and how we integrate our employees, stakeholders, and clients into our broader ecosystem. With integrity at the forefront, we believe there can be no feat too large to take on.

Meet Our Team

Steven Schmutter


Commercial & Operations

Luis Gonzalez

Commercial Director

Francisco Lejarza

Commercial Director

Ricardo Lopez

Bussiness Development

Veronica Pinilla

Bussiness Development

David Rausch

Bussiness Development

Manuela Castillo

Bussiness Development

Andres Florez

Business Development

Catalina Castrillon

Bussiness Development

Stefany Salazar

Bussiness Development

Bennet Buchman

Bussiness Development

Clauida Olano

Bussiness Development

Stuart Sacks

Bussiness Development

Juan Davila

Bussiness Development

Nicolas Macan

Bussiness Development

Jaime Salazar

Bussiness Development

Hector Moreno

Bussiness Development

Valentina Morantes

Operations & Sales Coordinator

Juan Camilo Giraldo

Operations & Sales Analyst

Juan Urrego

Operation & Sales Analyst

Jessica Duque

Sales Support Analyst

Alexandra Buitrago

Sales Support Analyst


Xueqin Wen

Marketing Director

Jose David Perez

Marketing Analyst

Nicolas Giraldo

Marketing & Sales Intern


Oscar Briceño

Logistics Director

Daniel Jaramillo

Freight Auditing Director

Rebecca Soler

Logistics Coordinator

David Zhao

Logistics Coordinator

Manuela Macias

Logistics Coordinator

Sebastian Ortega

Logistics Coordinator

Geraldine Caro

Inland Coordinator

Daniel Hernandez

Inland Coordinator

Juan Jose Sierra

Logistics Coordinator

Felipe Salazar

Logistics Intern

Martha Martin

Warehouse Manager

Mari Marquez

Warehouse Clerk

Bernardo Amador

Warehouse Floorman

Raul Ramos

Warehouse Floorman

Roberto Corredor

Warehouse Floorman

Norman Manzanares

Warehouse Support

Surandy Lopez

Warehouse Support

Roberto Pinell

Warehouse Support

Finance & HR

Jose Delgado

Administrator Finance Director

Raimundo Mora

Chief Financial Officer

Alejandra Suarez

Human Resources Director

Valerie Verdugo

Accounting Coordinator

Alexander Arias

Accounting Coordinator

Jessica Machado

Accounts Payable

Melissa Gutierrez

Accounts Payable

Alejandro Henao

Account Receivable

Jorge Gomez

Accounts Receivable

Natalia Alvarez

Human Resources Generalist

Purity In Every Granule

We implement rigorous QA protocols to guarantee that every single shipment leaving our premises meets the precise demands of our customers. Our QA experts thoroughly inspect each batch, employing state-of-the-art technology and unwavering testing standards to ensure consistency and quality. From sourcing to final delivery, we carry out comprehensive quality checks every step of the way. When it comes to quality, we will never compromise.

For a brighter, greener tomorrow.