Engineering Grades (EG)

Explore our range of engineering resins, available in prime form, regrinds, and recyclable pieces. We can also provide compounds with fillers. Additionally, we offer compounds containing fillers and our resin selection includes ABS, Nylon 6 and 66, HIPS, POM, PC, and acetal.

What Are Engineering Grades Materials?

Engineering-grade materials represent a category of high-performance polymers crafted to address specific requirements across various industrial applications. As compared to traditional polymers, EG polymers have superior properties such as higher mechanical strength, temperature tolerance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability. Renowned for their lightweight, durability, and functional versatility, these polymers are extensively utilized in sectors including automotive, construction, and electronics.

Engineering Grades Attributes

We offer EG solutions with the following attributes:
ABS: 12-22g/10min @10Kg
Nylon 6: 5-20 g/10min
PC: 8-15 g/10min
PMMA: 50 g/10min @10Kg
PP homo: 65 j/m
PP homo: 46 j/m
PP copo: 93 j/m
PP copo: 125 j/m
PP homo: 0.9 g/cc
PP homo: 0.9 g/cc
PP copo: 0.9 g/cc
PP copo: 0.9 g/cc
Lebel Content
pellets: 0
pellets: 0
regrind: 0
regrind: 2%


Injection, Extrusion


Prime, Off-Grade, Post Industrial, Post Commercial, Post Consumer Resin (PCR), Post Consumer


Bales, Regrind, Parts, Pellets, Fines, Purge



EG Applications and Benefits

The majority of PET and rPET products are used in textile applications like carpet, automotive, furniture, and others. The plastic also is used to produce beverage, food, and non-food packaging.

EG Benefits

  • Performance: EG materials can withstand demanding conditions and offer superior mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties.
  • Durability: EG materials have excellent impact and resistance, and dimensional stability, ensuring longevity in various applications.
  • Design Freedom: Their moldability makes it possible to design complex products, enabling innovation and differentiation.
  • Sustainability: Most EG materials are ecofriendly and reduce reliance on virgin materials.

EG Applications and Uses

  • Aerospace: Renowned for their lightweight, EG’s are utilized in aircraft cabin components and structural parts.
  • Industrial Equipment: Due their wear resistance, EG’s are ideal for gears, bearings, and conveyor systems.
  • Healthcare: They are used for surgical instruments and implantable devices because of their sterilizability, and chemical resistance.
  • Automotive: They are commonly used in interior, under-the-hood parts, and structural components due to their impact and heat resistance.
  • Construction: EG’s can stand up to harsh elements, making them a good choice for window frames, and structural components.

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