Discover our comprehensive range of PET alternatives tailored to meet your specific requirements. From BOPET bales, bottles, and fibers to flakes and RPET, each of our PET solutions is meticulously sourced to ensure superior performance in any application. Whether you require durability, clarity, or recyclability, TradePro has you covered.

What Is PET?

Valued for its versatility and recyclability, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is currently the most widely used polymer. From crafting construction materials to manufacturing automotive parts, there are many ways to convert PET into valuable products. By acquiring PET solutions from TradePro, you’re not just investing in consistent quality but also playing your part to establish a greener, more circular economy.

PET Attributes

We offer PET solutions with the following attributes.

0.55 – 0.82

PVC Content ppm

0 – 30


Hot Washed, Cold Washed, Unwashed

Lebel Content

0 – 2%


Fiber Extrusion, Strapping, Sheet Extrusion, Bottle to Bottle


Prime, Off-Grade, Post Industrial, Post Commercial, Post Consumer Resin (PCR), Post Consumer


Pellets, Bales, Flakes, Regrinds, Preforms, Purge, Fines



rPET Applications and Benefits

The majority of PET and rPET products are used in textile applications like carpet, automotive, furniture, and others. The plastic also is used to produce beverage, food, and non-food packaging.

rPET Benefits

  • Environmental Sustainability: Utilizing recycled PET contributes to resource conservation, minimizes energy consumption, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Resource Efficiency: rPET enables the conversion of post-consumer PET waste into new products, therefore reducing industrial dependence on virgin raw materials.
  • Cost Savings: rPET materials are usually more cost-effective than virgin alternatives, as they rely on existing waste streams.
  • Regulatory Compliance: By adopting recycled PET solutions, businesses can meet stringent environmental standards and demonstrate their commitment to sustainably.

rPET Application and Uses

  • Packaging: Recycled PET finds extensive use in packaging applications such as bottles, jars, and trays.
  • Textiles: Recycled PET is widely used to engineer polyester fibers, which are then woven into fabrics for various purposes.
  • Construction Materials: Builders usually employ rPET to manufacture insulation boards, acoustic panels, and roofing membranes.
  • Automotive Components: rPET’s it a preferred choice to produce automotive interior components such as upholstery and trunk liners.
  • Consumer Goods: rPET is used in the production of numerous consumer goods, including furniture, electronics, and household appliances.

For a brighter, greener tomorrow.