Polyethylene (PE)

We offer several PE material grades including HDPE, HDPE HMW, LDPE, and LLDPE. From making heavy-duty packaging and piping solutions to agricultural films, you can utilize our PE solutions for numerous industrial applications. They are strong, durable, and offer excellent chemical resistance. Most importantly each of our PE resins is ethically sourced, giving you a versatile compound to produce quality products without impacting the environment

What Is Polyethylene?

Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer that’s valued for ease of processing, lightweight, and chemical resistance. It is easily available globally and serves as an important material for numerous manufacturing applications. Moreover, PE’s recyclability makes it a preferred compound for businesses looking to achieve their sustainability goals

Polyethylene Attributes

We offer PE solutions with the following attributes:
MFI (g/10min)

0.5 to 30

Density (g/cc)

0.057 to 0.960

PP homo: 0.9 g/cc
PP homo: 0.9 g/cc
PP copo: 0.9 g/cc
PP copo: 0.9 g/cc
Lebel Content
pellets: 0
pellets: 0
regrind: 0
regrind: 2%


Injection, Extrusion, Blow Mold, Rotomolding


Prime, Off-Grade, Post Industrial, Post Commercial, Post Consumer Resin (PCR), Post Consumer


Bales, Regrind, Pellets, Roll, Purge



Polyethylene Applications and Benefits

The majority of PET and rPET products are used in textile applications like carpet, automotive, furniture, and others. The plastic also is used to produce beverage, food, and non-food packaging.

PE Benefits

  • Versatility: Polyethylene can seamlessly cater to numerous industrial applications.
  • Durability: Its high resistance to chemicals, moisture, and impact make it perfect to produce products for demanding environments.
  • Lightweight: PE has low density, making it equally suitable for lightweight applications.
  • Recyclability: Polyethylene is an eco-friendly compound that’s ideal for closed-loop recycling and supporting sustainability.
  • Ease of Processing: Extrusion, injection molding, and blow molding; all of these methods can used to process PE.

PE Applications and Uses

  • Medical Devices: PE is biocompatible, making it a preferred choice to produce prosthetics, and disposable syringes.
  • Pipes: PE is utilized to fabricate pipes and fittings for water distribution, drainage systems gas pipelines, and irrigation systems.
  • Agricultural Films: It’s used to make greenhouse films and silage bags because it can protect crops from pests, and weather elements.
  • Automotive Components: PE has numerous automotive applications including fuel tanks, bumpers, interior trim, and underbody protection.
  • Consumer Goods: It’s found in a variety of consumer products including toys, containers, trash bins, and household appliances.
  • Packaging: PE is widely used to make packaging solutions.

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