Fueling Growth with Premium Recycled Resins

Our strategic partnerships with plastic recycling plants and manufacturers across the globe empower us to offer a diverse portfolio of plastic raw materials, accommodating various industrial applications. Leveraging these global relationships, we can consistently offer competitive pricing, terms, and logistics support. In turn, our seamless procurement process and rapid delivery timelines guarantee customer satisfaction.

Driving Sustainable Innovation for Every Sector

Discover Tradepro’s extensive range of premium recycled plastic resins, all sourced ethically. From thoughtful construction and packaging to high-performance manufacturing, we follow the model that recycled plastic can drive innovation and fuel the growth of our stakeholders with minimal-to-no impact to the environment. From ideation to execution of every product, our alliance with the planet remains at the forefront of our thought process.

Fiber Extrusion

Transform recycled plastic into high-strength fibers for textiles, apparel, upholstery, and industrial applications.


Maximize resource efficiency with our bottle-grade recycled plastics, ideal for closed-loop food & beverage packaging solutions.


Introduce a cost-effective option to produce eco-friendly food packaging, disposable cutlery, trays, and blisters.

Blow Molding

Leverage our blow molding-grade materials to develop sturdy bottles and hollow containers.


Expand processing versatility with our extrusion-grade plastics are perfect for fabricating a wide range of plastic products including pipes, profiles, films, and sheeting.


Optimize your production process with our injection-grade materials, perfectly suited for creating intricate parts and components with precision and efficiency. Ideal for a range of industries including automotive, electronics, and consumer goods.

Benefits of Using Recycled Plastics

Embrace Maximize a greener tomorrow while enhancing your bottom line. By choosing recycled resins, you’re not only reducing waste but also cutting manufacturing costs, while conserving invaluable virgin resources.

Integrating recycled plastic raw materials into your product lines will elevate your brand’s positioning and expand your reach towards modern, eco-conscious consumers.

We Thrive On Driving Value For Our Clients

For a brighter, greener tomorrow.